Simple Goulash

Sometimes I just want to be a super mom. That’s not too much to ask, right? I know super heroes don’t really exist, but we all like to pretend they do. Why can’t I pretend that someday I’ll be a super mom? I just want my house to be sparkling clean, all laundry to be impeccably washed and neatly folded, my children to be smiling and playing nicely, dinners to be gourmet extraordinaire, etc., etc.


Maybe it sounds silly, but that dream is what keeps me going on days where nothing seems to be going right. I just think, “Today is imperfect, but tomorrow I can put on a smile and try to be a super mom again.” I get such a sense of accomplishment when things do go right. “Yes! I got all the laundry done and I mopped the kitchen floors. Yes! My children have been playing happily for 2 hours and my bathroom is sparkling clean and I even made the beds before breakfast.”

My dream doesn’t make me feel horrible that I can never do it all (because sometimes I have done it all, and those days feel great). My dream gives me something to aspire to. It gives me purpose when I’m feeling down. I want to be the best that I can be and each day I am given a chance to be a little better.


Cooking dinners every night has made me feel more like a super mom. It makes me feel one step closer to my ultimate goal. Saving more money on food is just the icing on the cake. Each night as I put the dinner on the table I feel so darn accomplished. I love that feeling. Is it normal for it to be so rewarding to make dinner? I mean, it’s not like it’s actually that hard (okay, some days it is). No matter how difficult or time consuming or frustrating it is, I feel so great by the end. I can always put food on the table and think, “I made that. I’m kind of a super mom.”

Surprisingly, I don’t feel this way about the dishes. That’s the one household task that I just can’t seem to make myself feel good about. I guess that’ll be my last step to becoming a super mom. 🙂


Today’s dinner is a very simple goulash. There is another goulash coming up, but this one is as easy as it gets.

Simple Goulash, $5


1 lb. ground beef ($2)

1/2 bag elbow macaroni, cooked and drained ($1.25)

1/2 – 1 Jar spaghetti sauce ($1)

5-6 Sliced mushrooms ($ .65)

a pinch of brown sugar ($ .10)

Directions: Brown ground beef. Add cooked elbow macaroni, spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, and a pinch of brown sugar.



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3 responses to “Simple Goulash

  1. alyse

    I love doing the dishes. Cooking scares me…

  2. Mark

    This is a neat idea for a blog. I hope you continue, it is nice to feel that I can afford to feed my family on a budget of 5 bucks that doesn’t involve Little Caesers Pizza.

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