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Corndog Muffins

I have another delightfully simple recipe for you today, but first, let’s talk gluten free. It seems like more and more people everywhere are needing gluten free options. Most of the time I think they are all just silly people who are just trying to lose weight by eating gluten free. Basically the only reason people lose weight from eating gluten free is because they are cutting out a bunch of carbs, not because of the gluten free-ness of it.

Anyway, I really shouldn’t be so judgmental. I know first hand that there are plenty of people who need to eat gluten free and not just because they want to lose weight. There are now three people in my family that must eat gluten free. They are both on my husband’s side and mine. Two because of celiac disease and one because of gluten intolerance. I recognize that my relatives truly need gluten free food. For the ones with celiac disease, even a tiny little bit of gluten will throw their bodies into a frenzy for a week. I also know that for someone who cooks non-gluten free, getting gluten free right can be pretty hard.

So, I’ve decided to add a new category to the dinners on this website. It is…. (drum roll please) Gluten Free! I’ll try to add one recipe for this category every week or so. The first one will be tomorrow. Many of them will be adaptations to the recipes already on this website, with specific brands for items that are not always gluten free (like BBQ sauce, salad dressing, vanilla, etc.).

Now on to the non gluten free recipe. If you are looking for the gluten free one, check back tomorrow.

This meal is pretty awesome. You start with a box of cornbread (or a bag, or a homemade dough, etc.) Make it according to the directions on the package.

Don’t mind that my mixer has chocolate splatters on the bottom of it. 🙂 I just cleaned it after seeing this picture, but come on, that part never touches the food anyway, right? It’s okay if chocolate splatters stay there for a few days, or months. 😉 Next, get some hot dogs straight from the fridge and cut them up into little pieces. Here is the bowl with only one chopped up hotdog.

Since, we have a one year old in the house, I cut the hot dot in half long ways before cutting it into smaller cuts. You could just cut it into circles without cutting it in half first. I only cut it in half because of my baby. However, after trying this recipe, I actually would suggest the smaller pieces. It just seemed to have a better cornbread to hotdog ratio. If you want to taste more of the hotdog, feel free to use bigger pieces.

Here is the cornbread with all of the cut up hotdogs before I mixed it in.

I used five hot dogs and that seemed like a really good amount. Here are the hotdogs after they are mixed in. I just used a regular spoon to mix them. I did not use my electric mixer.

Next, spoon the mixture into a greased muffin tin. You will not be able to fill up all the muffin spaces. I would go for 8 or 9 depending on how big you want the muffins.

Next, cook your muffins according to the directions on your cornbread package. I did have to add about 5 minutes to the cooking time because of the hotdogs.

Here is the last of the muffins. I forgot to take a picture of the pan when they came out of the oven, perhaps because my ravenous family devoured them too quickly. You all know how that is, right?

As evidenced by the last remaining muffin that is already half eaten, my family loved these. Even I loved them. I’m not really a hot dog person. When we get hot dogs for my husband and me, we always get all beef hot dogs. They are the only kind I will eat. Since, I was going for cheap, though, I used the cheapo hot dogs. I still thought it tasted great. I don’t think I would have liked it if I hadn’t cut the hot dogs in half, but with them small, the cornbread really made the hot dogs yummy.

Also, I wasn’t sure if I should serve this with ketchup or not. It is supposed to be like a corndog after all. It turns out that I did not serve it with ketchup. The muffins tasted really good on their own and for me, the cornbread was a little too bready to have with ketchup. You can of course make that call for your own family. If you have ketchup lovers, then maybe a little ketchup would simply be necessary. Don’t forget to add a vegetable to this meal. It’s so inexpensive, you will have more than enough to buy some veggies.


Corndog Muffins, $2.25

1 box of cornbread mix and ingredients needed to make it ($1.25)

1 package of hot dogs ($1)

Directions: Make the cornbread mix according to package directions. Cut 4-6 hot dogs into bite sized pieces and add to the cornbread dough. Mix the hot dogs into the cornbread mix until they are well incorporated. Spoon mixture into a greased muffin tin (you will only use 8 or 9 spaces). Cook corndog muffins according to package directions, but add about 5 more minutes to cooking time.

Tips to Make this Healthier: Serve this with a vegetable. You could even try adding half a package of frozen mixed vegetables to the cornbread mix with the hot dogs. I’m not sure how this would taste. If you have tried it, please let me know in the comments. Another tip is to use a homemade cornbread mix. There are lots of healthier options for hot dogs, too, but they will be more expensive.


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